The Mom Behind It All

Hi there!
Welcome to MOM’s Day Out!

My name is Geraldine (that’s me on the left) and I am mom to a clever, loving and oh-so-very-charming 5-year-old little girl (that’s her on the right!) who constantly has me on the go and to a charming, smiley and oh so loving 2-year-old boy (that’s him on the left!) who has made our family complete!

I am also an entrepreneur and owner of Shake It Up Events (based right here in Brampton) where I organize exciting events in and around the city.

Being a mother myself, I have a passion for all things “mommy and baby”. That is, when I’m not running around in circles after my little ones. If you’re a mom like me, (and I’m sure you can relate), self-care isn’t always top of mind.

Exercise? Sleep? Shower? A Day Out?

Definitely not enough of any of that going on.

And so, that’s where MOM’s Day Out comes in!

I was inspired to create this event in order to give MOM’s a chance to enjoy some pampering, entertainment and some serious spoiling in the company of your gal pals, fellow mommies, your Taylor-Swift-inspired-tribe, honourary Aunties, and maybe even your own Mother!

To be delightfully clear, you do not have to be a mom to attend, but I hope that all the fun we have planned will give all the MOM’s a reason to try and make it out the door! (Yes, sometimes, we do need a push!)

And so what’s in store you ask?

Activity booths to entertain and delight!
And so many treats throughout the day...
Including an awesome swag bag that will make you squeal with delight!

So, come on! Grab your tickets! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

See you on May 31!

20 Activities

1 Day Event!

Partner With Us

Hello! We’re so glad you want to learn more about joining our event in one wonderful way or another!

Maybe you’re curious about becoming an event sponsor? Perhaps you have a nifty item that the ladies will swoon over in their bag of swag? Or maybe you have a little “something-something” that everyone will be crossing their fingers to win during one of our evening give-aways...

If you have a brand, a business, a product, or a service that you want to shout about, and are interested in being part of this inaugural – and ever-so-exciting event for the amazing women in our community – we would love to hear from you!

Shoot us an email directly at or use the button below to fill out the form and we promise to get back to you... as fast as it takes me to feed my daughter her dinner!

Get In Touch

Our Sponsors

We are very lucky to have so many community businesses wanting to support and share in the excitement of this exciting Mom’s Day Out! This event would not be possible without our incredibly generous and supportive sponsors, and we count ourselves very lucky indeed to have so many local businesses share in the excitement of Mom’s Day Out!

Please do check out their websites and social media links. You won’t regret it!

Our greatest thanks go to:

Shake It Up Events
Shake It Up Events
Event Sponsor
Millennium Gardens
Millennium Gardens
Event Sponsor
Razor Creative Solutions
Event Sponsor

2020 Activity Booth Sponsors

Hair By Her

Hair Station
Heart Hustle Yes Fitness
Mama Coach CPR Station
Iced Sugar Cookies Cookie Station
Blossoms and Ink Calligraphy Station
Das Brezel Haus Pretzel Wall
Wee Sweets Dessert Station
Millennium Gargdens Perogie Bar
Champagne Photographer Photo Station
Tan on the Run Tanning Station
Mama Mobile Massage Massage Station

2019 Swag and Giveaway Sponsors

Shake It Up Events
Brass Belles
Blossoms and Ink
10tation Event Catering
Razor Creative
Denise Delicious Bites
Erin Mills Limousines and Luxury Coaches
Fancy Ware
Little Bow Peeps
Wish and Candle

Mom’s Day Out: May 31st 2020


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+ fees

“Single” Ladies
  • Buy for yourself, your mother, your grandma, or friends!
  • Complimentary Cocktail
  • Food Stations
  • Access to Activity Booths
  • Giveaways and Prize Draws
  • Swag Bags
  • Transportation NOT Included
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+ fees

“Joyride” Fill A Car
  • Save $5.00 a ticket when buying a 5-person package!
  • Complimentary Cocktail
  • Food Stations
  • Access to Activity Booths
  • Giveaways and Prize Draws
  • Swag Bags
  • Transportation NOT Included
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn’t listed below, don’t be afraid to contact us for an answer!

Our hope is to host multiple events a year because, COME ON, Mom’s need to get out of the house.

Easy! Shoot us an email at and let’s chat. We are always looking to get the right brands involved who align with our vision.

That’s a great idea and we hope to one day!

However, Brampton and the Peel Region is our focus because, well, we’re community-based and we think Brampton rocks. (And ok, maybe we’re a little competitive and we want to show Toronto that Brampton is where the party really is!)

Stay tuned on our Facebook page for future events!

Um, yes! Of course you can! And you must! We want all the ladies to come! All the Single Ladies too (cue Beyonce!).

This event is for anyone who wants – and needs – a great day out – aunts, friends, your besties, your daughters (over 18). Basically, the entire lady gang is welcome! Come one, come all!

No way! Mom’s need a break from being Mom’s too! This event will, of course, have some things Moms can relate to (because, well, it’s kinda hard for us to stop talking about being a mom for extended periods of time), but it’s a day to relax, kick up your heels, laugh, be merry and have FUN.

You bet you are! Mom’s Day Out is definitely catered to Moms of all ages and stages! We think Moms should be celebrated until the end of time and we would absolutely love to see you there! (You’re coming right?)

Geraldine Cabral, Director of Shake It Up Events. You can learn more about her here. And yup, she’s a mom.

Oh my god, we love this part.

Food stations, dessert buffet, candy bar, complimentary cocktail (right?!), over 15 awesomely entertaining activity booths (so far!) to help you feel pampered, teach you some fun mommy hacks (otherwise known as hacks for busy-women-trying-their-hardest-to-get-all-the-stuff-done!) and win some stellar prizes!

OH! And well, there just might be (we mean, there WILL BE) a seriously awesome swag bag filled with goodies for each guest (do we hear gleeful clapping??).

And of course, a heck of a lot of FUN.

We’re all about the fun and Shaking Things Up!

Millennium Gardens
Banquet and Event Centre